How to Backup Cydia Apps, Tweaks And Sources On iPhone or iPad

How to Backup Cydia Apps, Tweaks And Sources On iPhone or iPad



Using an iPhone , iPad or iPod touch with Jailbreak provides a kind of freedom on iOS unit. We add download third-party apps using Jailbreak also we can switch the boring iOS interface and far more. But Whenever we upgrade our device to the latest iOS we lose our Jailbreak, so we’ve to Jailbreak our device again in order to get back all the applications, tweaks and sources. One thing i find most annoying is to download the tweaks, apps and add all the sources again, but not any further in the following guide we’ll tell how to backup all the Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks and sources on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, follow our step-by-step guide below.


Steps  To Backup Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks, Apps and Sources :


Step No 1:- Download and install the “PKGBackup” from the Bigboss repo.

Step No 2:- After the installing process, you’ll see “PKGBackup” icon on your home screen.

Step No 3:- Tap on PKGBackup icon.

Step No 4:- Go to the Settings app and choose the source where you want to save your backup like local storage.

Step No 5:- Now tap on Quick Backup option.

Step No 6:- You’ll see the list all the tweak packages and sources installed on your device.

Step No 7:- By default all the packages are selected, choose carefully which you want to backup.

Step No 8:- After choosing the packages and sources, go back to the main screen of PKGBackup and tap on orange button to start the backup process.

Step No 9:- Now the back process will begin, it’ll take time depending on backup size. Once the process is completed PKGBackup will store the backup file to the location which you have selected.

That’s all!

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