Download and Install WhatsApp for PC [Windows 7/8/8.1]

Whatsapp For PC



The WhatsApp is one of the greatest chatting service that has ever released. The WhatsApp has attracted a lot of users towards it self due to its brilliant & incredible features and user friendly interface. It is available for Android & iOS systems, which means the Android and iPhone users can get the benefits of this app by downloading it from Google Play Store and Apple Play store respectively.

As we’ve described above that this App is for the Android & iPhone users and in spite of that many PC users wish to use it on Laptop or computer too. Therefore, today we’re going to share, “how you can download Whatsapp for Computer” This guide is for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac users. So, friends you’re supposed to follow the all steps clearly, and then you’ll be able to download & install Whatsapp for PC or Laptop.


About WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the greatest available cross online messaging system for all Smartphone.
You can easily send messages using mobile data & WiFi, also you can use WhatsApp as a default SMS App.
You can send and receive messages, pics, audio, and video messages.
There are no hidden charges all you’ve to do is download WhatsApp on your phone, enter your number to activate it.
You can make Groups in WhatsApp with your specific friends.
We request you to go via our below post too, which will make you understand that,” how you can run Android applications and play android games on Laptop or computer?

Install WhatsApp for PC via Andy Step by Step:

Andy is a new emulator for Android apps and games. All you’ve to do is download Andy from their official site, after installing the Andy on your Laptop or computer follow the steps described below in order to install WhatsApp on PC.

Step No 1: Download the Andy from here.

Step No 2: After downloading is complete, install Andy on Laptop or computer.

Step No3: Andy installation process will take several minutes, When installation is done launch Andy on your PC.

Step No 4: When Andy is open, you’ll see an Android tablet user interface.

Step No 5: Now Open Google Play Store->Search->WhatsApp->Install.

Step No 6: When the installing process is complete, go to the home screen there you will see WhatsApp icon.

Step No 7: Double-click on WhatsApp icon, now type in your number when asked. Wait for the confirmation message, when received enter the provided code.

Step No 8: Now your WhatsApp is successfully installed on your Computer, to synchronize your contacts you can add a Gmail account as you do on your Android device.


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