Download USB Drivers for Android Devices: Nexus, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG [Direct Links]

Android USB Drivers



Hello folks, today i am going to share all Android devices drivers.
When you want to connect your Android device to your Laptop or computer, you will require USB drivers for it. Usually you’ve to sync your Android with your Computer. Some times you need to transfer data from your device to the PC or from PC to your device. Tasks like to root, unroot, flash firmware, Odin, tools like Sony Flashtool and SuperOnClick, require a connection between your device and PC via a USB cable and it requires USB drivers. Almost every manufacturer company provides USB drivers with the handset bundle. Below, we’re giving the links to USB drivers for most Android device manufacturers such as Google Nexus, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC etc.

Please note that the USB drivers provided in this post are compatible with almost all devices manufactured by the respective brands. If the downloaded drivers don’t work for you, then visit the official site to get the specific USB drivers for your Android device.


Download USB Drivers for Android Devices [Direct Link]

Google USB Drivers:-

Download Latest Google USB Drivers

Download Galaxy Nexus USB Drivers

Universal Naked Driver 0.73 (Compatible with Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and S) [Direct Link]

Samsung USB Drivers:-

Download Latest Samsung Kies | [Direct Link]

SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile v1.5.33.0  [Mirror Link]

Samsung USB Driver v1.5.27.0

SAMSUNG USB Driver v1.5.23.0 [Mirror Link]

Samsung Android ADB Interface Driver v2.9.510.0

Motorola USB Drivers:-

Download Motorola USB Drivers (Win)

Latest Motorola USB Drivers (Windows & Mac)

HTC USB Drivers:-

HTC Sync Manager

Download HTC USB Drivers | [Mirror Link]

HTC Drivers (Compatible with Win 8)

Sony USB Drivers:-

Download Sony USB Drivers from Official Site

Sony PC Companion

Sony Bridge for Mac

Download Sony ADB Flashtool Drivers

LG USB Drivers:-

Download Latest LG USB Drivers

LG United Drivers for Verizon

LG USB Drivers for Mac

LG Mobile Support Tool Setup

ZTE USB Drivers:-

Download ZTE USB Drivers

ASUS USB Drivers:-

Download ASUS USB Drivers

Download ASUS PC Suite and drivers

Huawei USB Drivers:-

Download Huawei USB Drivers

Download HiSuite & drivers

Acer USB Drivers:-

Download Acer USB Drivers

Sharp USB Drivers:-

Download Sharp USB Drivers

Amazon USB Drivers:-

Download USB Drivers for Amazon devices

Amazon SupportPage

Lenovo USB Drivers:-

Download Lenovo USB Drivers

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