Apple Released iOS 8 Beta 3 With New Features

iOS 8 Beta 3



Hi guys, today we a have a very good news for Apple Fans. The iOS 8 beta program is well underway. Its 1st beta was seeded on June 2nd and the 2nd beta came 2 weeks later. There was a rumor that the 3rd beta would be released in the 1st week of July and that has become to be true. The iOS 8 beta 3rd download is available right now via the developers portal. Those who already have a past beta version installed will receive iOS 8 beta 3rd over-the-air.

iOS 8 Beta 3 builds up on the base that Apple laid with iOS 7 which added one of the biggest interface & user experience changes for the platform. It introduces a host of new features and also user interface tweaks. The modifications were detailed during Apple’s keynote on the first day of WWDC 2014.


The public release of iOS 8 3 is scheduled for this fall. Ahead of then the beta program aims to be sure that by launch the software is totally free from bugs & any issues. Developers have been tinkering around with the software for nearly a month now and the release of the 3rd beta shows that progress has become made.

The full changelog has not been posted online as yet while the brief information of this update states that it primarily consists of bug fixes and enhancements. The Beta software is only meant for authorized developers so now only they’ve the benefit of playing around with iOS 8. The rest of us would have to hang on till the fall.

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