Easy Guide to Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers at Window PC

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) is a command terminal that gives you the option to connect your android device with PC and communicate between the PC and device using some the ADB/ Fastboot commands. If you are going for some modification or any other need to send commands from your PC to android device then first you should have to install ADB drivers at your PC.


At the PC running cmd terminal window you can flash a firmware file, root tool, third party application and other mod files. Here is an easy guide to Install ADB & Fastboot drivers at Window PC. Download the 15-seconds ADB / FASTBOOT Installer of snoop05 at your PC from the link provided below and then install it to window PC. Thanks to the developer for the easy tool. This will automatically setup ADB & Fastboot drivers at your window PC. Follow the guide if you really interested.

WARNING: This guide only works at Window operating system don’t use for Mac/ Linux. Also, use the commands carefully and only at your own risk. Remember that you only will be responsible for any mishap.

Easy Guide to Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers at Window PC

Easy Guide to Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers at Window PC.



  • Backup your entire data before any modification/ installation.
  • Install USB driver for your device manufacturer at the PC. [Link].
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode / OEM Unlock. Go to Settings >> Developer options.
  • Download 15 Seconds ADB/Fastboot driver installer at PC. [Link]


Steps to Install ADB & Fastboot drivers

  1. Download 15-Seconds ADB/ Fastboot installer file
  2. Unzip and run the executable file adb-setup-1.4.2 and then at blue terminal window press “Y “and hit enter button at keyboard. See the image above.
  3. Once installation finished go to C:\ drive at the PC.
  4. Search ADB/ Fastboot folder at the Program64x or Program86x.
  5. This means that you have installed the ADB/ Fastboot drivers successfully.

ENJOY! You have installed ADB & Fastboot drivers successfully.

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