Download and Install CM 14.1 Official ROM on Xperia TX – [Guide]

Here you will learn the easiest method to Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM. The CM 14.1 based on Android 7.1 Marshmallow and have all the latest features and enhancements. This one of the lasts releases of the CM ROMs. The CM team has left officially further support a few days back. Also, this ROM is nightly build and might contain some issues. So, if you are really interested then follow the guide. We will provide you the download link and step by step tutorial to Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM. However, your device must have TWRP recovery latest version.


The CM developers previous released the CM 14.1 nightly build for several devices and the Xperia TX is one out of those. You can now test all the latest features of Android 7.1 on the Xperia TX. The CM 14.1 official ROM is now available and you can Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM using the following stepwise guide, don’t skip any step.


Important: This tutorial is advised only to Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM. So, never try on any other device. Also, we takes no responsibility, if anything goes wrong with your device. So, It’s entirely your decision to flash and proceed this guide.

Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM

Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM.



  • Take a complete backup of the entire data on Xperia TX before proceedings.
  • Also, install the USB driver of SONY on the system you are using. | Link
  • Do charge the battery of Xperia TX more than 70% before processing.
  • Also, enable USB Debugging on Xperia TX, go to Settings Developer options
  • Also, Xperia TX should have TWRP already installed. | Install
  • Create a Nandroid Backup for the existing ROM, on recovery mode tap NandroidProceed.
  • Download CM 14.1 latest build for Xperia TX at the PC. | Link
  • Also, download Gapps for CM 14.1 for Android 7.1 on the PC. | Link


How to Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM

  1. Download CM 14.1 and Gapps for Xperia TX on the PC, from the links shared above.
  2. Connect Xperia TX to PC and then move both CM 14.1 and Gapps Zip files on the internal storage.
  3. Then follow this easy guide → “Install CM ROM via TWRP recovery on any device, to flash CM ROM.
  4. Repeat Install in the guide linked for Gapps Zip installation.
  5. Finally, Reboot normally from recovery home screen.
  6. Done!

In results, the process to Install Xperia TX CM 14.1 Official ROM will get successful. If you have any question, then contact us.



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