Set iOS Launcher and Lock Screen Wallpapers on your Android Devices

Android and iOS are two different platforms for Smartphones. Both these OS are now much developed, having lots of useful and amazing features. However, the users of Android OS sometimes desiring to set iOS-like home and lock screen on their android devices. So keeping in mind the developers have developed some apps launchers and lock screen application that will give you the full style and taste of the iOS on your android devices. Here we have shared these launchers and lock screen apps with our audience. Download and Set iOS Launcher and Lock Screen on your Android Devices from the links given below.


We have always noticed that the android user doesn’t like OS and vice versa. However, at the same time some users of android like iOS functions and iOS users like android features. If you are the users of Android device and willing to look your device like iOS device then here is an easy solution. Set iOS Launcher and Lock Screen Wallpapers on any android and feel the fun of iOS on your android device.

Download iOS7 Style Launcher – [Link]


Download iOS7 Style Lock Screen – [Link]

To feel and taste the full fun of iOS and Apple smartphones on your android device simply download and the launchers apps from the follow links and install on your device.

iOS Launcher and Lock Screen Wallpapers on your Android Devices

iOS Launcher and Lock Screen Wallpapers for your Android Devices.


How to Install and Set iOS Launcher     

  1. Download iOS launcher and Lock screen app.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources from the main settings– > security of the device.
  3. Tap to install the app and then run.


That’s how to download, install and Set iOS Launcher on any android device.


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